We are excited to announce our partnership with CARDO AI, a Milan-based private debt investment management technology platform. Our partnership will bring a new joint credit solution to the private debt market. Through the new partnership, customers can now access Wiserfunding‘s SME risk analytics natively through Cardo AI’s platform, including the SME Z-Score, Bond Rating Equivalent (BRE), Probability of Default (PD), and Loss Given Default (LGD). CARDO’s AI-powered platform enables asset managers and lenders to seamlessly manage portfolio data at any stage in the lending lifecycle. The new proposition will be available to clients early in 2023.

“We’re incredibly excited to partner with CARDO AI. Their platform is revolutionising portfolio data management with an efficient and intuitive user experience, and we’re proud to empower their users with our credit intelligence. The joint proposition will give customers instant access to the most reliable credit analytics for faster due diligence, simpler portfolio management, and earlier remedial actions. We’ve already seen excellent proof of concept for the joint proposition with clients like Fasanara Capital, and we’re very pleased to roll it out to the wider market.”

Gabriele Sabato, Co-Founder & CEO of Wiserfunding

A core focus of the partnership is to provide automated EU sustainable finance taxonomy classifications and company-specific carbon intensity (including scope 1 and 2 emissions according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol). The EU taxonomy is a highly ambitious classification system for ‘green’ investments that serves as the cornerstone of the EU’s Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulations (SFDR).

“We’re here to serve the creative, ambitious, and digital-first lending economy with innovative technology. By leveraging our unique expertise – Wiserfunding in credit analytics, and Cardo AI in software development – we are delivering the speed, precision, and quality that the private debt market needs to grow. Wiserfunding are the leading risk experts for SMEs around the world, and their models will enable Cardo AI users to make faster decisions and lower the cost of lending through world-class credit analytics. We are especially excited to use their data to power our newest feature on the EU taxonomy alignment calculation for SFDR’s article 8 and 9 funds. Together, we are bringing greater transparency and sustainability to European finance.”

Altin Kadareja, CEO of CARDO AI

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