The smarter
approach to
SME finance

Helping you navigate the complex world of SME credit risk management to make: fast, confident, accurate lending decisions.

The smarter
approach to
SME finance

Helping you navigate the complex world of SME credit risk management to make: fast, confident, accurate lending decisions.

Extensive data pool
for a fuller picture

Sifting financial, non-financial and macro-economic data to build the most comprehensive company profile possible

Smarter tech for
a swifter solution

Using smarter tech to process more effectively and faster than ever before

30% more accurate
for sharper decisioning

Compiling the most accurate SME risk profiles available on the market



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Our solutions

Collate the raw information, organise it and extract the value

Collate the raw information, organise it and extract the value

With a platform that is clear,
customisable and easy to use.

Enhancing your


Giving you the insight to
make sound judgements


And empowering you to proactively manage your portfolio



Focusing entirely on SMEs, we give you a clearer, more accurate credit risk profile of every SME, helping you understand their true resilience. See how every nuance and market shift impacts the companies in your portfolio and make every lending decision in full confidence.

Tap into our unparalleled expertise. Founded by Professor  Ed Altman and Dr. Gabriele Sabato, global authorities in the field of risk modelling, we combine the finest in academic research with proprietary risk models and decades of market experience.

Unlock a deeper understanding of portfolio performance. Processing financial, non-financial and macro-economic data, our solutions develop the most complete picture of every SME, allowing you to clearly see the actions to take.

Harness the power of the latest AI techniques and cutting-edge tech in a SaaS solution. Easily integrated into your existing systems, our platform delivers all the benefits of automation in an easy-to-use package.

Set your own parameters so that the platform best serves your business. With the option for bespoke risk modelling and customised alerts, you can get the information you need without the added noise.

Spot opportunities, identify market trends and highlight future threats. Our solutions comprise more than 76 geographic and sector-specific risk models, helping you hone in with exceptional detail and see what action needs to be taken.





Find, screen and assess potential prospects more effectively

With richer insights based on a wealth of data points, our solution gives you an in-depth understanding of every company and the wider context in which they sit.



Sharpen portfolio performance

Hone your portfolio strategy armed with detailed insights to spot patterns, respond to changing conditions and take proactive investment decisions.



Take the legwork out of
regulatory compliance

Make decisions in full confidence that they are fully compliant with the latest regulations.

Make faster

Get the clarity you need
at the click of a button.

Giving you a comprehensive insight into individual companies, and a broader overview of the market, our platform enhances your understanding for fast, proactive decision making.

Automating laborious, manual tasks saves your analysts time to better focus their expertise, allowing you to keep one step ahead.

Make smarter

Make confident, compliant decisions
based on sound judgements.

Make confident, compliant decisions based on sound judgements.

Offering 30% more accurate insights, using real-time data for up-to-the minute risk assessments, and drawing on over 800 data points for every SME, our insights are second to none.

Understand a company’s risk profile in seconds and gain a more rounded perspective on your portfolio’s risk exposure. Our customisable platform can be shaped to your needs, giving you richer insights to help you make the right decisions for your business.

your operations

Enhance your operations with
our easily integrated solutions.

Automatic screening of potential prospects and clear organisation of the data helps you identify targets, opportunities and pitfalls. Your existing processes can run with seamless efficiency enhanced by the insights of our platform.

Fully regulation-compliant and always up-to-date, our solutions take out the legwork, leaving you to make informed business decisions in full confidence.

Scale Your

Strengthen your position and make
accurate predictions to drive your success.

Automate your processes to save time and resource on the simple things. Enhance your understanding to help you make more confident, proactive decisions allowing you to spot opportunities and drive business growth.


“We get data in 15 seconds that banks and credit bureaus don’t, and the integration with our credit analytics enables us to make good, fast lending decisions”


“Wiserfunding gives us a complete and uniform tool for analysis that should be the industry standard. It blows away anything I’ve seen for credit reporting for SMEs.”


“Wiserfunding worked with us to build tailored LGD risk models so our risk function could easily become compliant with new FCA regulations.”

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