The importance of SME initiatives

The Wiserfunding team had the pleasure of welcoming the KUKE team to our office last week. In a conversation with Janusz Władyczak, CEO of KUKE, Wiserfunding’s CEO and co-founder, Gabriele Sabato, discussed the pivotal role of supporting Polish exporters and SMEs globally. The insights from this conversation shed light on the critical importance of SME initiatives for the financial industry, and the many ways we can support the segment together.

Janusz especially highlighted KUKEs commitment to nurturing Polish companies at every stage of their development, whether domestically or internationally. From facilitating trade receivables financing to issuing bonds and supporting investments, it is their number one priority to ensure that businesses have the necessary financial backing to expand safely and confidently.

With SMEs comprising approximately 80% of KUKE’s portfolio, their customer-centric focus reflects a profound understanding of the market’s dynamics. This emphasis on SMEs is not only a testament to KUKE’s commitment to fostering growth within the sector but also highlights the pivotal role SMEs play in driving economic development and innovation. By tailoring solutions to meet the unique needs of SMEs, KUKE contributes to their resilience and competitiveness in the market.

Both Janusz and Gabriele highlighted the positive movement in the industry, with the ongoing digitalisation focus, highlighting significant investments made in recent years to enhance infrastructure and core IT systems. This transformation has enabled export credit agencies to streamline processes, improve efficiency provide seamless digital solutions to their customers. With a robust digital infrastructure in place, KUKE is well-positioned to support Polish exporters in navigating the complexities of international trade and achieving their business objectives.

What now?

The ongoing journey towards digitalisation is crucial for importers, exporters, and SMEs alike. A streamlined digital infrastructure translates to faster and more efficient processes, reducing the time and effort required for financial transactions. This, in turn, enhances the overall experience for businesses, allowing them to make informed decisions promptly.

Learn how we are helping KUKE digitise risk assessments and foster global business growth below.


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