Unlock the power of credit risk intelligence.

Experience advanced credit risk intelligence, tailored specifically for leasing businesses, providing you with the insights and tools needed to make informed decisions and mitigate risks effectively.

Empower your leasing business with cutting-edge credit risk solutions

Seamless sales to underwriting transitions

Automated monitoring

Bridge the communication gap between sales and underwriting, ensuring both departments operate with the same information and insights

Equip your sales team with the tools to perform initial screenings, aligning early-stage assessments with underwriting criteria for higher approval probabilities

Implement a standardised risk framework that ensures uniformity in risk assessment, vital for companies operating across multiple markets.

Automated risk assessment

Configurable platform

Transform days of analysis into minutes with automated, data-driven evaluations that move at the speed of your business

Proactively adjust to new data and market conditions, safeguarding your portfolio against potential defaults

Automatically recalibrate credit limits based on real-time financial health indicators to maintain appropriate risk levels

Enhanced portfolio management

Live data

Gain a deeper understanding of portfolio dynamics to better manage client relationships and identify expansion opportunities

Customise monitoring tools to focus on the most critical aspects of your portfolio, from shifts in creditworthiness to compliance triggers

Early detection of distress signals enables timely interventions, reducing the likelihood of financial losses

Key features


Unlock advanced automation and data consolidation

Wading through data for the dreaded quarterly review?
Struggling to stay one step ahead?

Wading through data for the dreaded quarterly review?
Struggling to stay one step ahead?

By leveraging cutting-edge technology and financial expertise, we enable businesses to streamline operations efficiently.

Comprehensive data integration – leverage over 800 data points from financial, alternative and macro-economic data – our platform offers a holistic view of each SME’s risk profile.

Set specific parameters to receive alerts tailored to your most crucial concerns, segmented by sector, region or risk profile

Access all your risk management tools and reports in one intuitive interface, designed for efficiency and ease of use. Or integrate with our API to receive the data where you need it

Foster better collaboration between sales and underwriting, ensuring coherent strategies and smoother operational flow

Reduce the manual handoffs and miscommunications that can slow down processes and introduce errors, making your operations both faster and more reliable

Key features of our
Portfolio Solution

Key features of our
Portfolio Solution


Wading through data for the dreaded quarterly review?
Struggling to stay one step ahead?

Wading through data for the dreaded quarterly review?
Struggling to stay one step ahead?

Wading through data for the dreaded quarterly review?
Struggling to stay one step ahead?

Our platform will automatically monitor a suite of portfolios, giving you a deeper understanding and the most accurate insights at the click of a button.

Incorporating more than 75 geographic and sector-specific models

Automated continuous monitoring to flag issues when they arise

Bold graphs and charts to help you spot trends and patterns and take appropriate action

Benchmarks from industry or geographical sectors to help gauge your portfolio’s performance and spot patterns and trends

Scenario modelling for stress-testing and IFRS9

Instant overview and deep granular understanding of your portfolio at your fingertips

Stop wasting time and resources and choose a smarter solution!

Adjustable risk parameters to fit your risk tolerance

Automated assessment of every alert that comes in

Flagging only those alerts that fall outside your risk appetite


Bombarded by portfolio alerts?
Struggling to cut through the noise?

Bombarded by portfolio alerts?
Struggling to cut through the noise?

Bombarded by portfolio alerts?
Struggling to cut through the noise?

Our solution lets you tailor alerts to only notify you when the risk profile changes, cutting out unnecessary distraction.

Free your analysts to focus where it matters!


Spending hours collating reports?
Need bespoke reports for different audiences?

Spending hours collating reports?
Need bespoke reports for different audiences?

Spending hours collating reports?
Need bespoke reports for different audiences?

With our solution you can produce accurate, insightful reports in seconds.

Incorporating key risk metrics like: Probability of Default, Loss Given Default, SME Z score and Bond Rating Equivalent

Incorporating benchmarks by sector and country

Always regulation-compliant

Generated on demand whenever you need it

Take out the legwork of report-writing and get a consolidated view of your portfolio in an instant!

Codat/Validis integration to access live financial data for real-time insights

Connection to open banking and accounting systems for live data

Collating vast quantities of data – 800 data points for each SME profile

Translating raw data into accessible formats and consumable charts


Relying on filed records for risk profiles?
Using financial data that is already old news?

Relying on filed records for risk profiles?
Using financial data that is already old news?

Relying on filed records for risk profiles?
Using financial data that is already old news?

Our solution uses live data for up-to-the-second accuracy.

Make better decisions in full confidence they are based on real-time assessments!

Make informed decisions

Your pain? We understand. This is why we do what we do, and can provide you with an experience like no other.

With Wiserfunding, you gain access to advanced data analytics and predictive modeling tools that provide unparalleled insights into lessee creditworthiness, portfolio performance, and market dynamics. Make informed decisions with confidence, driving growth and profitability for your lease business.

Manage more

Our platform allows you to optimize your lease portfolio for maximum profitability and resilience.

Identify market and sector trends and use these insights to drive confident predictions.

Highlight potential threats to your portfolio and spot growth opportunities with the help of bold, clear diagrams that are always up-to-date.

Stress-test your portfolio in a range of potential scenarios to help build resilience and inform your decisions.

Enhance operational efficiency

From credit risk assessment to portfolio monitoring, our platform enables you to streamline operations and focus on strategic initiatives.

Get a richer overview of your portfolio performance and the ability to deep-dive into company profiles for more informed decisions.

Use your insights to predict what lies ahead and to take appropriate offensive or defensive action based on your risk appetite.

Make faster decisions in full confidence that every company profile is based on up-to-date financial data.

Take proactive

Hone in on different elements of your portfolio and compare performance to industry benchmarks.

Develop the foresight to understand how potential threats could affect your portfolio performance.

Subject your portfolio to ‘what if’ scenarios to test how robust it really is and direct your action.

Automate laborious manual processes and focus on more strategic decisions.


Why Wiserfunding?

Why Wiserfunding?

70+ years’ expertise
Founded by leading authorities
in field of credit risk

AI and machine learning
built into solution to speed
data processing

More data
sorted than any of our
competitors for richer insights

Proprietary models
that are constantly enriched
through machine learning

30% more accurate
risk profiles than
market standard

Live financial data
from open banking
and accounting systems

SaaS solution
for easy integration
with existing programmes

Instant value
Delivering insights from
moment you log in

Customisable elements
for a product that suits
your risk appetite


Wiserfunding is a cutting-edge predictive analytics platform specialising in credit risk assessment for SMEs. Our platform leverages advanced algorithms and data analytics to provide real-time insights into the creditworthiness of potential borrowers. By analysing a diverse range of data sources, Wiserfunding helps lenders and financial institutions make faster and more accurate credit decisions.

We stand out due to our exclusive focus on SMEs. Our solutions are tailor-made to address the unique challenges and complexities of this sector. We offer granular and timely risk insights, including standardised risk metrics across multiple geographies, setting us apart from traditional credit risk assessment providers.

Wiserfunding’s platform is designed for organisations worldwide that engage with SMEs. Our adaptable solutions can be fine-tuned to support a spectrum of industries. Regardless of your company’s location or sector, our technology can be tailored to meet your unique business needs.

Wiserfunding helps streamline credit risk management by providing predictive risk assessments, real-time analytics, and regulatory compliance support. Our platform speeds up underwriting processes, enhances risk models, and ensures efficient portfolio management, ultimately reducing defaults and improving overall financial performance.

Wiserfunding integrates a comprehensive database of financial and non-financial data sources, including publicly available information, up-to-date financial statements, industry-specific data, corporate governance, social media engagement, legal events and macro-economic data. Our models continuously update to provide accurate and up-to-date credit risk insights.

We offer highly customisable risk models tailored to your specific business needs. We provide seamless integration with common lending platforms, such as nCino, and extensive post-sales support and training to ensure a smooth transition.

Yes! Wiserfunding helps you stay compliant with financial regulations in different jurisdictions. A typical use case is for IFRS9 calculations. We are committed to ensuring that our solutions align with the ever-evolving regulatory landscape, providing you with peace of mind in your credit risk assessment processes.

We provide in-depth post-sales customer support and offer training sessions to help your team use our platform effectively. Our dedicated support team is readily available to address any queries or issues you may encounter.

Pricing for Wiserfunding’s solutions may vary based on your specific requirements and the scale of your operations. We offer flexible pricing models, including plans that can scale with your business and additional professional services. Our goal is to ensure that our pricing structure aligns with your business’s needs and budget.

Certainly, we have a range of case studies and customer references available upon request. These resources provide real-world examples of how WiserFunding has helped businesses like yours achieve better credit risk management, reduce defaults, and improve their financial performance.

Feel free to reach out to our team for more detailed information or to request specific case studies and references tailored to your industry or use case.


“We get data in 15 seconds that banks and credit bureaus don’t, and the integration with our credit analytics enables us to make good, fast lending decisions”


“Wiserfunding gives us a complete and uniform tool for analysis that should be the industry standard. It blows away anything I’ve seen for credit reporting for SMEs.”


“Wiserfunding worked with us to build tailored LGD risk models so our risk function could easily become compliant with new FCA regulations.”

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