Who Are Capital On Tap?

Capital on Tap provides an all-in-one small business credit card and spend management platform, making it easy for small businesses to manage their business spending, access funding, and earn cashback, travel, and gift card rewards.

Over 200,000 small businesses have spent £4 billion on their Capital on Tap Business Credit Cards across the US and UK.

Capital on Tap makes business funding and spending simple, saving business owners time and money. With a 2-minute application process, the majority of applicants receive instant credit decisions and immediate access to credit.

Business owners enjoy access to unlimited free 1% cash back, credit limits up to £500,000, and as many employee cards as they need for their business to run smoothly and efficiently
– all for free.



  • Value Proposition: Capital on Tap’s commitment to providing instant access to credit through automated, accurate origination processes.
  • Efficiency: Existing systems were capable of automating decisioning only up to a fraction of the £500,000 limit, necessitating manual reviews for larger credit requests.
  • Scalability: The need for an accurate and reliable solution to confidently increase automated credit limits and support scaling ambitions.


  • Raising New Limits: Doubling the automated credit limit to expedite processing for larger loan applications that used to require manual underwriting.
  • Growing the Audience: Collaboration with Wiserfunding has empowered Capital on Tap to safely offer larger loans to bigger businesses, thus expanding their market reach without compromising portfolio health.
  • Reducing Lending Costs: Wiserfunding’s advanced risk assessment tools have outperformed other solutions by providing more precise risk evaluations, including the probability of default (PD) and the SME Z-Score, thereby optimizing lending costs.

Read the full case study here.